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Sun May 20 11:38:10 PDT 2001

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Well, as has been stated before, we need to look at the positive aspects of Sigen and Thorgrim being removed.

The South has given us two martyrs and fired the first open shots in a war of aggression and occupation that has been going on for far too many years.  Now, maybe, people will finally open their eyes to the contempt and disregard they have held for us all this time.

To the South we are merely a source of revenue.  They have stifled us at every turn.  They attempted to keep us in check by foisting upon us leaders who at no time pay any heed to anyone but those that gave them their supposed power while ignoring the voices of the the populace that they farcically serve.  When that failed and we continued to insist on our rightful place, they reacted with malice and cruelty.

Patrick Michael states that he is offended at the concept that the Crown would act arbitarily.  He's right, you know.  This was an act that could only have been accomplished with much forethought.  And the consultation was made with those who I would be ashamed to call MY Peers and who are far from Noble.  I ask you, Patty Mike, how was removing two of the finest people in the North, who by the way were staunch supporters of Independence, for merely bring up a LEGAL matter to the LEGAL representative of the Kingdom anything but a crass and pathetic abuse of power.

Our rulers from the South have continually proved their contempt.  With this act they show their fear.

Proud that he has only two awards in a Barony where they're not worth the paper they're printed on...

Lord Ivar Bulufotr

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