[NR] RE: [Northern] Farewell

Geni Gorham geni_rn at swbell.net
Sun May 20 01:08:08 PDT 2001

Your Excellency, I have hear the cause of our baron and baroness stepping
down.  The information I heard, does not mention you or your Barony, or anyone
else's actions.  Things are very heated here in Northkeep.  I hope as people
call and talk with Sigen and Throgrim things will cool down here.
I love Northkeep but we can not and should not isolate ourselves.  We should
not blame others for our problems and pain, without know the details of what
happened.   It is sad that anyone should be ask to leave an office.  To do it
so preemptively that we did not see it coming, has left everyone confused and


Maleah wrote:

> M.Heydon posted something about us.  We have asked him to give us some
> details behind his statements.  When he does, we will post something here
> that he has done so.
> We would like anyone else that believes this to let us know where you heard
> it, as well as what you heard.  We are clueless about it.  We will be glad
> to answer questions.
> Thanks,
> Ulf and Maleah
> Baron and Baroness of Namron
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