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elbert smith PTSOTHA at hotmail.com
Mon May 21 16:53:42 PDT 2001

Unto the populace of Namron Greetings

     Due to recent mundane problems that have popped up in my life I have
decided that I must step down as Seneschal.
When I took this job I promised the Regional Seneschal that if the real
world and my SAC responsibilities came in conflict that
I would resign this office before it became a problem harmful to either .

     I am not going away I just need to focus on things in my real life far
more intently that normal ,as such I believe the office would suffer for
it,I can not let that happen .

      So let this be my formal announcement that I am accepting applications
for the office of seneschal of Namron effective immediately.
I will still take care of the official paperwork until a replacement is
found. I will be at populace so please bring your applications there
if you wish to be considered for the job.

             Please have copies for myself their excellencies and the
northern regional seneschal .

                         Thank you for your time and understanding in this
                                     Lord Duncan Phelan MacLeod

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