[NR] RE: [Northern] Farewell

aelfwyn@coxconnect.net aelfwyn at coxconnect.net
Mon May 21 04:18:03 PDT 2001

Sir Burke was correct in calling my speculation as to HE Sigen's motives in this matter inappropriate, & is also correct that Barn is the only individual on whom she has known to have conducted a background check.

I allowed my anger over the intemperate post of an individual to goad me into making an intemperate response of my own (all right, TWO intemperate responses, & in case anyone hasn't read my earlier post - which seemed to get lost in the ether - the challenge has been dropped).

While I continue to consider her actions wildly inappropriate, I do not know the motivations behind them, & having had my own motivations misassumed so many times, I should have known better than to make such assumptions with another.

I apologize to all on this list for the poor example I set & again thank those such as Robert & Hawkins who have remained calm & reasonable in their postings.


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