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Jennene Stanley mooharpist at mmcable.com
Mon May 21 09:29:24 PDT 2001


    After catching up with my sleep, I been re-reading the posts with a
relatively calmer mind. I guess what really upsets me is that for some
reason or another, the north seems to be in a constant state of turmoil. And
what does it really accomplish?

We are constantly being told to "play nice". Has anybody ever wondered why
we have to be told this? It is sad that we have to be told  in the first

I really don't understand what all this will accomplish except a lot of hurt
and it is just too d**m sad. From what I have gleaned from the posts, much
of this was motivated by "innocent gossip". There is no such thing as
innocent gossip. If fact I believe gossip to be the single greatest force in
the Society. It reaches more ears then any herald and slays more joy then
any sword.

So what has really been accomplished?

1) A barony suffering with hurt, unable to understand it's loss. Alienated
from some due to the words and actions of a few.

2) A man's character, rebuilt after serving his debt to the real word
society, knocked down and stomped on as if he must forever be defined by
what happened many years ago.  Will his sentence ever end then?

3) Some trying to use the hurt and anger of a region to further their
political aims of separating the north from the south.

Is this worth the curiosity and innocent gossip?  I think not.

Jennene Stanley
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