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Mon May 21 23:11:24 PDT 2001

Angus Mac <angusmacn at yahoo.com> wrote on Mon, 21 May 2001 16:46:
>(snip)  Everyone I met there was polite and even friendly. In
>fact I met 2 of the best bud a guy could ask for
>In my short more visit I met more people who
>personafied the dream than in my previous 14 years and
>3 kingdoms.
>Angus MacKnochard

I have to agree with my RT44 comrade, Angus.  The greatest number of SCA
folks I have met in the "South", Southern/Central/Northern/Coastal Region of
Ansteorra (as well as various regions in the 2 other Kingdoms I visit on a
regular basis) are pleasant, well spoken and quite a pleasure to hang out
with doing SCA or mundane stuff.  Even when they find out that I'm from
(gasp!) Northkeep, Northern Region, or god forbid, Ansteorra.  In fact most
people outside of Northern Region don't even know where Northkeep is, much
less have hatred for that beautiful place I call home.  Armed with this
empirical evidence I have come to the conclusion that the Northern Region
becoming a Principality is pretty much a non issue to the overwhelming
number of most of these very good peoples of these regions (other than the
Northern Region, of course).  There are people who for political, personal
and fully logical reasons I'm not privy to, that are against it.  So it
goes.  The only person I execute control over is me, and I choose to play
this game in a polite and honorable fashion.  Some don't seem to, but they
represent a minority of members I think.

my 2 phennings,
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