[NR] A few of my Favorite Things

May, Deborah C. DeboraCM at Health.State.OK.US
Wed May 23 10:19:26 PDT 2001

Dwen, Here:

	It would be hard to find a single favorite.

	I love the sound of tent stakes being driven late Friday night as
folks arrive.  Entire villages spring up around us in our sleep.  Whatever
stresses I had from the previous week melt into the fun of the current
middle ages.
	Images that will stay with me forever include Gwyneth being ferried
across Lake Marlow with Blackfox's pipes playing and the fireworks in the
	The very first Interkingdom with Calontir which was my first event.
The incredible sight of the royalty on the stage--with a falcon, no less!
The belly dancers and the morality play and remove after remove of a feast
we couldn't possibly finish.
	Learning to pull a bow.  Learning to hit the target.  Learning to
actually score on the target.
	Watching Don Juan or Don Eadric or HL. Elric fight with their
schlaggers and their Rapier Like Wit.
	The night Her Majesty Rowan came to our camp and visited with us
about where we came from and what our occupations were.  She seemed really
interested in the diversity of the membership of Her Kingdom and we felt
special because the Queen by Her Own Hand had been our guest.
	Being rescued from the flood in V'atavia by some of the local
members of the barony who offered a hot shower, a dryer and hot food to a
very wet Ansteorran.
	The smell of sweat-soaked armor mingled with the smoke from
campfires and mead and beer.  The sound of a bunch of big hairy men singing
battle songs for all they're worth.  (Klingons eat your hearts out!)
	Malaki throwing fire balls.  Pepin making us laugh.  Lucais' ability
to make any court entertaining.  The Bard-Off between Master Ulf and
newly-made Master Mikal the Ram at Lilies last year where the only winners
were the audience.
	Sir Barn's Knighting was the first peerage elevation I'd ever seen.
Like others on this list, I was already a little overwhelmed at his prowess
on the field.  That thump in the chest, the words of fealty and honor and
duty, the chain, belt and spurs all seemed exactly right.  It was as if the
age of chivalry was now and I got to be a part of it.
	The Once and Every Other King Duke Inman MacMoore striding into our
encampment at Steppes back in '84 to tell us that we'd like the game a lot
more if we'd put down our booze and come out from under our canopy and play
the game.
	Every Coronation I've attended where the previous Crown steppes down
and takes the crown off the head of his/her consort after words of love and
how it couldn't have been possible with out that persons love and support.
I always cry.
	Falling asleep in my tent at the end of a magical day.  The sound of
drumming in the distance is my favorite lullaby.


Baroness Ceridwen Tir Gwastraff
Elder, House Wizard's Keep
Chronicler of the Wastelands
Wife to Lord Johann Gunnbjornsson
Alpha, House Wolfstar

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