[NR] "Wine, Women, & Song"

Walter Robin wr at plumes.org
Wed May 23 13:50:14 PDT 2001

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You are invited to Mooneschadowe's traditional 5th Tuesday revel !

On May 29, we will hold a Revel & Mini-Tourney at Boomer Lake, starting around 7 PM.  Bring picnic items, etc, and we'll use the grills to cook out.

The Rapier Mini-Tourney, "Wine, Women, & Song" will be conducted thusly:

Bout the First:  Wine

    Contestants will carry a goblet throughout their bout, endeavoring not to spill a drop of the precious libation.

Bout the Second:  Women

    Contestants will fight for the honor of a worthy lady.  Whenever the lady calls the fighter's name, the contestant must acknowledge her graciousness in an appropriate manner.

Bout the Third:  Song

    Contestants must sing (audibaly) a song throughout the duration of the bout.  Contestants may choose their own song; they need not be the same.

Tourney begins, c. 7:30 PM.

The Heavy fighters are putting their heads together, and should come up with something nearly as clever...Or they may just want to eat.  More info to follow....

Ld Walter Robin


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