[NR] A few of my Favorite Things

Burke McCrory bmccrory at oktax.state.ok.us
Wed May 23 15:59:46 PDT 2001

Memories, well that can go back a number of years.

Sir Simon of Amber and Mistress Tessa of the Gardens were the first royals
that I remember seeing.  I thought that if two people could represent
Authur and Guinevere these two wonderful people were it.  I remember their
stepping down as Prince and Princess, and their execution by order of HRM
Theo of Mightrinwood, King of Atenveld.  I remember the procession as their
sable draped bodies were take away and the stir of emotion as a tall
magnificent figure rode in to court on a white horse to demand that Theo
relinquish these lands.  That man was Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer the
first King of Ansteorra.

I remember the knighting of John the Plain of Sheam, first knight made in
the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  It was a wonderful but almost sacred moment when
this new Kingdom raised up its first Knight.  I remember all of the knights
in attendance yielding their precedence so that Sir John would have the
title Premier Chevalier.

I remember a night a Pennsic 26.  The wind was blowing the clouds across
the sky and the moon would come and go.  The Ansteorran Camp was quiet as
their Majesties were off visiting another Kingdom's camp.  The great Tower
with the Kings and Queens flags blowing in the wind.  A strange traveller
from the far away land of Lochac ask if he could go up into the tower to
see the Pennsic camps.  Always open to visitors we said sure go on up.  The
next thing we know, time stands still.  The clouds are rushing by but, just
over the top of the tower a clear space opens up showing a single bright
star in the night sky.  And the visitor begins to give his gift to
Ansteorra and all of Pennsic.  For you see he was a piper,  and he began to
play.  Imagine the wonderful sounds of bagpipes, atop a great tower in a
smoke filled valley, with a single shining star visible in the sky.

Sir Burke

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