[NR] A few of my Favorite Things

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Wed May 23 21:38:02 PDT 2001

   My first tourney. Losing to a silly knight from Calonin the first round ( Hi Bambi). Losing with Duke Valens to Earl Gerard in the second round and rolling on to win that Wolfstar (with a hangover, Martin and Asoph swore you fight better with a hangover).

  My first kill of Earl Barn ( see escrima really does work). My first encounter with a Trimaran knight at Gulf , you ain't an Ansteorran Knight you ain't S##t. Apparently I was wrong Duke Baldar my (ouch) apologies.

  Being last one on my team alive on the bridge at Med Fair, facing Mahadi and Sif. Being the last on my my team alive Knights against the world. Facing Sir Alric, Earl Barn, Earl Daffydd, and His Majesty (then) Earl Gunthar. (Gods I was tired.)

  Clubbing Duke Valens like a baby seal at Pennsic (Hi Bambi) in the woods battle.
  Passing Libations to His Majesty Duke Michael from behind the throne.

   Stealing the longship at Gulf. With LOTS of help of course.

  Any Bardic With Ulf.

  Shag's Punch.

The good things. Keep them in Mind.

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