[NR] Words from Their Royal Highnesses

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Wed May 23 23:31:46 PDT 2001

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--- Trish Kvamme <oneblondemuse at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings Unto the List and all those who share
> these words.
> It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you
> all this day, to let you
> know that circumstances will not allow Us to attend
> Castellan.
> Please know that if We had any earthly power to
> change this, We would.  Our
> words to all of you through these recent events are
> sincere.  We care very
> much about you, and have nothing but love and
> concern, and wish with all Our
> hearts that We could be there.
> Know that We are there for you in spirit, and when
> summer comes to it's
> fullness and July arrives, We will be in the
> Northern Lands to love, to
> serve, and to nurture the Ansteorran's who live
> there.
> Again please know that Our intent to come was very
> real, and that I write
> these words to you in great sadness and broken of
> heart.
> Larissa, Crown Princess Ansteorra
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