[NR] A few of my Favorite Things, ..er People (long)

Chris Backus cbackus at peakonline.com
Thu May 24 23:04:27 PDT 2001

I still sometimes find myself on auto pilot going to Lake Taylor
anytime I'm around Chickasha.  I loved that site, it's the first site
I ever went to an event at.  It's the first site I ever fought a
tourney at.  The first site I got to autocrat an event at (which
includes some of the worst SCA memories, does everybody remember the
mundanes with eggs?).  I got my AoA there at Namron Protectorate from
Richard and Anora, it was a good event for me.

I miss that site, but it doesn't have half the amenities we'd need
these days.

Some of my very favorite SCA memories:

Candle snuffing with the Blacke Orchid by the shores of Lake Taylor.
We'd have the sails up, with some screens closing them off.  The wind
would be coming off the lake, which would help keep it cool.  It was

Making up the world's stupidest song with Puck (Three Days I've Been

The first WolfStar I ever went to, when the Blacke Orchid gave me a
piece of silver for enjoying the game so much I couldn't quit smiling.
I still have the piece of silver...

Claryce teaching me that the best way to see the kind of dancers *I*
wanted to see was to listen for Bellady played... not so well.  She
tried to teach me to watch the better stuff, but I wasn't really
interested in belly dancing : )  I've gotten better, really.  Besides,
I learned it was more efficient just to know someone with a hot tub.

It's amazing how many good memories you can rack up in such a short


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> I have so many fond memories that often remind me why it is that I
play this
> game. I would like to share a few (hope it doesn't bore you *grin*).
> Most of my earliest memories center around the lake Taylor site.
This is
> where I forged many good friendships and had some of my best times.
> 1) Running around until late in the night (early in the morning)
>    Arianne, Jevon, and Adessa laughing and giggling and drinking our
>    favorite stuff. Going from camp to camp listening to bardic,
>    drumming, and the general good time had by all.
> 2) Ceridwen showing me what fun the water can be at night with
>    shining on the water and somthing called ...uummmm.....eeekkk....
>    yea, that's it.
> 3) Camping with all my friends, seemed everyone had their favorite
>    you knew just where to find them. And even if you didn't, all you
>    to do was stroll down the road and you were sure to find them
> 4) Entering my first A&S display and being given my first peice of
>    largess by Baroness Caitlin (somthing I still get teary-eyed
>    And Baron Pepin teaching me how to throw a knife, and being very
>    patient with me even thought I wasn't getting any better.
> 5) Meeting this charming guy ....ummmm...I think his name was
>    uhhhmmmm, I mean Asoph.
> 6) Baroness Stacia and Baroness Brigetta teaching me that there was
>    much more to this game than just running around in funny clothes.
>    They taught me to contribute to this game not only through Arts
>    and Sciences but by working so that others might enjoy the game
>    as much as I had.
> I am sure there are others of you that have just as many fond
memories of
> Lake Taylor as I do. Many of us (from the North, South, Central,
Coastal and
> Western Regions) have shared some very good times there. These are
just a
> few of the memories that have kept me playing this game for such a
> time.
> Thank you to all you who have contributed to so many wonderful
> Baroness Michelle Chantal de Charente
> Northern Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences

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