[NR] Mooneschadowe Alternate Revel Plans

Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Tue May 29 11:28:09 PDT 2001

For those who heard about our revel-and-mini-rapier-tourney and were thinking
of coming, the weather has obviously NOT accomodated us.  Therefore, instead
we will be reveling at the Community Center (for you out of towners this is
where we normally meet, at the corner of 9th and Duck).  Lord Walter Robin
will be doing Shakespearean Jeopardy, and we are encouraging people to
bring period board games for those who are otherwise inclined.

We will not be cooking out, but everyone should still bring snacks.  Obviously
we know that the weather will cut way down on travel, but if you happen to
be in the neighborhood, please to drop by.

The Wine, Women, & Song mini-tourney is postponed until some later date.

taking liberally from Lady Helene's announcement on the moonschadowe list

Shri Chandranath, Cadet to Don Timothy, Pursuivant Extraordinaire
Northern Regional Virtual Scribe
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