[NR] Simple Size Question

Morgan Cain morgancain at earthlink.net
Wed May 30 11:08:19 PDT 2001

At Warlord this weekend, a merchant had some really nice leathers (colors and everything).  I wanted to buy some to make boots and sandals, since mine are pretty worn (the sandals actually fell apart irreparably during the event).  I have been making do with store-boughten boots, which are not perfect but they FIT.  (Aoibheann!  Make Grimwulf stop laughing!  Yes, much of the time I wear cowboy boots, especially when waterbearing.)

However, I realized I have NO idea how much leather to get.  I could just wrap the pieces around and make a guess, but there should be something more scientific.  There don't seem to be any bootmakers handy-by in our Barony, so knowing that there are some on these two lists, I figured I'd ask for help.

How does someone figure out how much to get?  I just want plain, early-period, no-pointy-toe, basic boots.  I know that buying "off the rack" is easy, but it's hard to do with my feet.


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