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Mon Apr 15 08:31:38 PDT 2002


Can we fight in regular gowns or should "guy-garb" be included for the day?  I am interested in at least trying light weapons out -- having a lot of fun with heavy!  =0)


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>I would like to invite all rapier fighters to come to the Wiesenfeuer Spring
>Revel on Saturday April 20th. There will be pick-up fighting and, if enough
>fighters, some scenarios too.
>If you are not a rapier fighter but are interested in trying something new,
>come let us entice you with three feet of cold steel. I want to especially
>encourage our heavy-weapons brothers and sisters to come give the heavy
>rapier a try.
>HL Elric Dracwin
>Wiesenfeuer Rapier Marshal
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