[NR] Spam

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Mon Apr 15 13:54:55 PDT 2002

The simple fact that spam is a rare occurence on the Northern Regional list
is a good reason not to change anything.  Pug's filters handle most of the
garbage and a little judicious use of the delete key handles the rest.

Yes, someone with some technical skill, the right tools, and a political
agenda sent us an inappropriate politic screed.  As long as it isn't a
continuing assault, let's chalk it up to the First Amendment and forget it.
The incident is nothing compared to the garbage which flows daily from
Yahoo! and AOL.


> Really, I have not thought about it. Very little spam of this
> nature has
> come through on this list. However if the list members as a
> whole* wanted
> it changed, I could do so.
> Estrill
> (*Yeah, right, get *all* the members of the northern list to
> agree to one
> thing - sounds near impossible to me :-)
> Or if a vocal minority, with sound arguments in favor of the
> change were
> to persuade me, again I'd change it.)

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