[NR] Re: Wiesenfeuer's Spring Revel

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Mon Apr 15 14:53:37 PDT 2002

So, most of my heavy armor will work -- just need to come up with a mask?  Not sure how the protection transfer between heavy and light.  I'll watch this time and get Aethelstan to help me out with some pointers tonight at fighter practice.


In a message dated Mon, 15 Apr 2002  5:51:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "dracwin" <dracwin at coxinet.net> writes:

>I am not sure what you mean by "regular gowns" and "guy-garb".
>Officially, we must require full armor as per the rules. There will be some
>loaner stuff (especially masks) and we can allow some measure of "slow play"
>if the body armor is insufficient. By using the heavy rapier (schlaegers) we
>effectively elminate the chance of a broken blade and minimize the danger.
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