[NR] If it's not too muddy ... Royal Rounds on Sunday Anyone?

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Thu Apr 18 13:57:53 PDT 2002

Anytime!  I love this archery and heavy weapons stuff!

Would be happy to teach about arrow-making if we get enough people interested.

Have about 6 dozen combat arrows that need to be finished off also -- if anyone wants to help, I'll let them take some home with them so they can shoot at their heavy weapons fighters for practice!  =0)

The slightly strange and unusual -- maybe even a prototype!

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>If you are that desperate to shoot lol we have a group here willing to
>learn/participate. I will try to get them to one of the shoots.
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>> Greetings!
>> Thought I would try the Royal Rounds on Sunday again -- maybe around 3 or
>4 p.m.  We shot two last Sunday and the scores have been sent to Kingdom.
>> If you're interested, please contact me and I will get you directions to
>Ld Magnus "Ace" Strongaxe's property (just outside of Norman)-- or you can
>call me at (405) 361-9458.
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