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Hope to see you all there!!!

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For those of you who are wondering (and even for those who aren't.....)

Here is the menu for Castelan feast:

Feast for Castellan*

First Remove

Fresh veggies of the season

Second Remove



Smoked Salmon Patè

(possibly crackers, if I find the right recipe)

Third Remove

Chicken Marsala (chicken with mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce)

Späztle (tiny dumplings)

Cooked vegetable of the season

Fourth Remove

Carmel-topped apple tart

* menu may change at last minute if unforeseen problems occur either in
purchasing or the kitchen)

I will be taking reservations for feast. If you would like to make
reservations, or help in the kitchen (cooking or clean up), please contact
me via my e-mail address: LRA at olpdsl.net   and put either "feast
reservations" or "kitchen help" in the subject line so I will be more likely
to see among in the large number of e-mails I receive each day.  You can
also let me know about reservations or kitchen help via my home phone number
366-2007 (9 a.m. to 9 p.m. only please).

Lynn the Inquisitive

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