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Sun Aug 11 16:47:13 PDT 2002

Thank you for contacting Nameplanet Abuse Department.

Nameplanet does not tolerate the sending of spam (unsolicited bulk or junk email), and will immediately terminate all accounts that violate the strict rules stipulated in the Nameplanet Conduct Policy, the Nameplanet Spam Policy and the Nameplanet Terms of Service Agreement

In most instances, Nameplanet can detect and deactivate spammer accounts within 24 hours. There are technical methods, however, that violators use to circumvent those controls.

Consequently, a significant amount of spam reported to us is forged to appear that it originated or routed via our service. In cases like that, it's in your best interest to learn more about spam and how to take action against it.

The organizations and web sites listed in below contain information that can be very helpful in that endeavor:

- - "Fight Spam on the Internet!" information center
- CAUCE - Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
- Spam Information - Learn the basics about spam
- Everything Email - Unsolicited E-mail (SPAM) Issues
- ZDNet Software Library Editors' Picks: Anti-Spam Tools
- SpamCop - Spam Reporting and Filtering Software
- - Stop Spam!
- MacInTouch - MacInTouch Spam and Scam Resources
- Spambot Beware - Glossary of Spam Related Terms
- Spam Glossary

Best Regards,

Nameplanet Abuse Department

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