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TUNDE DASILVA tunde002_ng at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 05:37:28 PDT 2002

Dear Sir 
It is my pleasure to contact you for assistance
 and business co-operation. I know this letter might be surprising to you. But every word of it is true. Even though we
hardly know each other I believe you can help me.
 Meanwhile, I got your contact in your Country's
trade attachee in the
Nigerian Chamber of Commerce. I am the President of
a special taskforce in charge of the sales of petroleum products in The Federal Republic of Nigeria in West Africa. My office monitors the sales and lifting of crude oil and petroleum product by foreign dealers. With the cooperation of
my assistant and head of the audit committee
to the task force, I have successfully saved about
US$48.5 million.  This money is as a result of allocation of excess crude oil to the foreign dealers, which has been sold but which money is not entered in  financial statement of my task force. This money is now lying
unclaimed in the account of the task force in the Central Bank of Nigeria known only to my partners and me involve in the excess allocation.  However, the legislators of the new democratic Government of my country have set up a panel to
look into the past activities of some government companies and parastatals. We do not want the panel to discover the money we have saved.  We cannot lodge this money into our private bank 
account. In my country, public servants are not permitted to operate any account in excess of $500,000 US Dollars. Now the idea is to have a
foreign partner whom the sum will be transferred to. We have concluded arrangement to transfer this money to your private
account if you permit us to use it. All you have to do is to give us your private
address, phone and fax lines and banking particulars. I will send you the details of the transfer and necessary documents as soon as you provide them.  If you can assist us transfer this money out before the panel starts work, we will give you 30% of the total amount.You
will keep the remaining sum for us pending on arrival in your country. We intend to invest 50% of the sum
in business. With your knowledge and past
experienc your advice will be highly needed for the
We would want to know the lucrative business areas in
your country we can invest on with the 50% of the sum.  Don't worry about any problem in this business. I
assure it is safe and no risk is involved.  No otherparty is aware of the sum from the excess allocation
except my partner and me. However, this
transaction should be secret and confidential as my position in Nigeria is very sensitive. We awaits your reply on your participation or not,so that we can make further contact.
Timeis of great essence to us. For any further
information reach us through the E-mail

Best Regards
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