[NR] International Festival Thank You

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Tue Oct 1 03:05:08 PDT 2002

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Greetings unto all good gentles that came to help us with our Demo at
the Lawton International Festival, Words alone can scarce express our
gratitude for all the help we received to make our Demo successful. The
crowd was well entertained and many questions of interest were answered.
Even though the weather was as usual WARM, the fighters kept the field
active, both Chivalric, Rapier, and our new Youth Rapier contingents
helped us to draw a good crowd throughout the weekend. And our thanks
also to all those good gentles who worked in the A&S display area and
the throughout the crowd while the fighting was going on, to insure that
questions were answered.

Again, words alone are poor reward but, I say Vivat to all our good
populace and friends.

Laird Míchél mac Donnchaid & Lady Elayne MacDuncan
Vicar & Vicaress of the Eldern Hills
Mike & Susan Gideon

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