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This is a little out of our region but I thought someone might care to re-post to the equestrian list?

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Greetings, all.

    With a heavy heart I announce that my 17+ hand , very rare Pure Black
4-year-old Percheron gelding, Jafar, is for immediate sale at the best offer.

   He is Amish bred, *was* registered til I lost the papers <G> and gelded
him; purchased in Indiana, and dead cold halter broke. He is very gentle and
unspookable, even in traffic ( those Amish-- halter-breaking behind a
carriage). While I have ridden him a time or two last summer, he is not
"broken". I am not able to care for him any longer and have to sell him
immediately. His sire was a 17.3 Champion in Indiana; his dam a very nicely
bred 17.2 mare out of a champion. He is a very nice, beautiful guy; and his
conformation is excellent. His feet are not, and will need to be shod. He has
had two West Nile Virus vaccinations, but his Coggins is up. I can no longer
afford his care.  Neg. Coggins guaranteed. We are moving, and he is not going
with us.

     I will take the best offer I receive until we move and are gone; please
reply privately to this if you wish to make an offer.

    Feel free to post this to any list that may be interested in Equestrian;
Kane had planned to take him to Gulf Wars next year... perhaps someone would
like to get a true War horse!

Duchess Ilissa the Nightwatcher

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