[NR] Protectorate invaded by Pirate -- Children save the day.

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Oct 14 10:42:18 PDT 2002

>I say next year we add IKCAC!!!  (Yes, I am an over achiever.)
>VIVAT to our Valiant Youth Archers and our gracious and kind Archery
>Marshal volunteers!
>In Service
>Lady Bianca Sereni
>Archery Marshal for the Great Barony of Namron
>Titled Archer of Namron

Yes, you are an overachiever and a well loved one.  Congratulations on your
AOA, dear friend.  The only problem with your devotion to Archery, is I
never see you elsewhere at the event.

Namron, you had a wonderful event and congratulations to your new champions
and all the good gentles who were awarded over the weekend.  Also a thank
you to Gunnarstead, your bardic fire was my highpoint of the event.


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