[NR] Question from a relative newcomer

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They can also look at the map I made of the Kingdom.  Granted, it's a few
years old, but I will be updating it within the next year or so as part of
my master's thesis...



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> Greetings!!!
> I recently received the message below from one of our relatively new
> I'm thinking that if there is one person who is having trouble with these
> issues, there are bound to be more.  Just thought I would share this as
> of a head's up (with their permission - names have been removed to protect
> the potentially embarrassed.)
> In service
> Mercedes
> Baroness of Northkeep
> A number of events have been posted recently, but they usually only name
> barony or canton an event is being held at ... but for those of us who are
> new, figuring out where that is, can be kind of tough. Also, places tend
> be described as 'such and such campsite'... but Mapquest hasn't ever heard
> of the place.  I've looked at the maps on the Baronial and Kingdom site,
> sometimes they're not much more informative, or have been scanned at such
> low resolution they are illegible. I feel like an idiot asking on the main
> list where everything is... so I've probably missed out on some events
> within reach.
> Is there any way to ask that announcements of events could be more 'newbie
> friendly'... ? ie with clearer indication of where the actual event takes
> place? It sure would help a lot.
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