[NR] Namron Protectorate

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Oct 15 21:48:41 PDT 2002

We had a good time.

We are proud to have Sir Miguel Sebastian de Oporto and Lady Conal as
our new Protector and his inspiration.  The fighting was beautiful.

Lord Tristan von Heidelberg fought for one of the Queen's entourage, HL
Fridhur Haralds. Tristan became our next Rapier Champion.

Allisandre and her fine mount Dancer matched their skill against all
comers to become our Equestrian Champion.  Allisandre, please send us
your full name so we can enter you on the rolls of champions.

Mustards? Vinegars?  Both competitions were won by Briana Algarsdottir
of Gunnarsstead (and were delicious).

Her Excellency Maleah awarded the Baroness's Grace cup to both Sir
Miguel and Don Brendan for their outstanding acts of grace and chivalry
on the field.

And there was archery, and feasting, and dancing and bardic until the
not-so-wee-anymore hours. The brewers gave away gallons of some
excellent meads and beers.  If you didn't have a good time this weekend,
you weren't at Namron.

Ulf and Maleah,
Baron and Baroness of Namron

...and we celebrated the victory of the students of Namron over the
students of Bryn Gwlad.  Surely the presence of Her Majesty at their
home barony inspired our young men... :)

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