[NR] Rivers Run For Charity (demo)

Deborah Sweet/soc/cas/Okstate dssweet at okstate.edu
Thu Oct 31 07:19:28 PST 2002

>Directions to the Park.

>I35 north to Ponca City.
>Take a right turn at Ponca exit and continue straight into Ponca Until
you Reach 5th street.You
>will pass Conoco. Turn Left and continue forward. After you cross Grand
Ave Hazel Street is your
>next turn at blocks. Left Turn then there will be a right turn into the

It appears something was deleted from the directions.

After crossing Grand Ave, go FOUR blocks north to Hazel St, turn RIGHT,
then turn LEFT into the Park.

>If you need to come up 177 it will become 14th str, when you enter Ponca.
Continue till
>you reach Highland second stoplight. Left turn at 5th str. 3rd stoplight
turn left. 1st
>side street " Hazel" left turn, Left turn into the park.

Um, coming up 14th/177, Highland is the third stoplight (Pioneer Woman
statue is on NE corner of intersection), turn left/west. 5th St is the
second light on Highland, turn left.

I should know, I lived in Ponca for (mumble) years.


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