[NR] archery and A&S at Guardian

Toinette de Cambrai toinettec at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 11:33:22 PDT 2002

As I see on the schedule on the Guardian page at
the archery is scheduled to begin at three o'clock on
Saturday.  I hope I can begin equipment inspection
around 2:30, and intend to be as prompt in starting as
is possible.  The earlier we get started, the more
time there will be to shoot.

And as long as I'm writing to the list anyway, the A&S
at Guardian this year is going to be a popular vote
competition.  Documentation is encouraged, but not
required, so I hope there will be lots of entries.
There will be prizes and word fame for the winner, as
well as perhaps a few honorable mentions.

Set-up for the A&S will begin at 11 o'clock, and votes
will be accepted through 4 o'clock, by which time all
projects will need to be picked up.  Even if you don't
enter anything, please show your support for the
artisans, and come on out and vote.  There's the
distinct possibility that there may be a small bribe
in candy for those who choose to exercise their right
to vote...

Children are encouraged to bring and enter their A&S
projects, as well.  There will be a separate prize for
the winner of the children's division.

She who has entirely too many irons in the fire

>When will the archery tournament be held?  I cannot
>make the entire
>event but would love to participate in the shoot.

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