[NR] More Information and Number to Call to help Ranger Rick

Burke McCrory bmccrory at oktax.state.ok.us
Fri Sep 6 16:20:13 PDT 2002

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>OK .. Guess I should go through all of my email before fowarding.  lol  I
>just received more information as to what is going on with Ranger Rick.
>Plus, more numbers to call and try to help Ranger Rick keep his job.  To me,
>it sounds like someone just doesn't like him and wants to get rid of him.
>It's a personal vendetta and has nothing to do about how he is running the
>camp grounds.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call everyone ... email everyone that
>you possibly can and plea for Ranger Rick's job.  He is a fabulous camp host
>and has done nothing wrong to be fired.
>:::::::  SAVE RANGER RICK!!!!!! :::::::::::::::
>Jorunn  =)
>I have some numbers to be posted to the lists but I can't post them because
>of my mundane job and the fact that we work with Campfire.  If you want to
>post them I would appreciate it.  Keri, who works at Campfire and is in the
>SCA, is taking the calls on this and has no regard for Rick (I have only been
>told that the relationship between the two is bad and don't know for sure).
>So if people don't talk to Jan Robinson (405-478-5646) who is the head of
>Campfire their voices may not be heard.
>Head of Campfire Nationally: Bob Brow 1-816-756-1950
>President of the Board for the local Campfire group: Daniel Markwell
>The Camp Fire USA Heart of Oklahoma Council at DaKaNi e-mail is
>campfire at swbell.net

Folks, Please be careful here.  This is a mundane matter involving
personnel decisions within the Campfire office.  I know that many of you
like Ranger Rick, but this is NOT an SCA matter.  If you want to call and
express your personal opinions to the local Campfire Office that is all
fine and well.  But Please, DO NOT mention the SCA in your call.  We, as
the SCA, DO NOT have an opinion on this.  If you are not careful you could
cause us to loose access to the site.  We have spent many years developing
a good and strong relationship with Campfire and I would hate to see it
damaged or even destroyed over something like this.  I would ask that this
discussion be taken OFF LIST and handled privately as SCA lists are not the
place for this.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

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