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Sun Sep 8 12:19:00 PDT 2002

There will be a Renaissance Festival on October 26 and 27 in Guthrie,
Oklahoma.  As many of you may already know, this is the same weekend as
Samhain.  This year Eldern Hills has graciously moved their event to Camp
Cimmaron just a few miles from Guthrie.  This should give everyone an
opportunity to participate at both the event and the demo.
The location of the festival is the Guthrie Scottish Rite temple.  This
building was the former state capitol building.  It is magnificent!  The
building itself is a must see.  And there will be guided tours of the
building all weekend.  If you simply cannot wait for a glimpse inside, take
the virtual tour on line.
Yes, we need fighters!  Yes, we need singers and dancers.  Yes, we need your
support to make this a glorious Demo!
For further information please check out the website at
http://guthriescottishrite.org under Reunion or take a tour through the
If you should have any questions, please let either Delphina or me know.  We
will be looking forward to seeing you there.

In service,

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