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Mon Apr 7 10:53:09 PDT 2003

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Good Gentles,
This past weekend brought great times at Med Fair once again.
Some of us from the new group were there and we had a meeting with with
Excellencies of Namron. Namron has agreed to sponsor us if the majority of
members in our are wanting to do this. We were also able to work out a time
the both of their Excellencies will be able to be present at the next
meeting. The next meeting shall be:
April 27th 2003
6:30 PM
CiCis Pizza
2814 N. Kickapoo
Shawnee, Ok.
Cost will be $4.00 for adults $3.00 for children and $1.00 for 3 and under.
Please let the people know at the counter that you are with the sca group. At
the meeting this weekend at the fair it was announced that officers would
have to be done by volunteer basis.
As of the writing of this recap today we have 1 person applying for each of
the following offices:
Seneschal: Lord Halldor Ironstorm
Excheuqer: Milady Gabrielle MacNamara
Minister Art/Sci: Laird Gaelan Garrett
Herald: Milady Fayida
Knights Marshal: Milord Duncan MacNamara
Hospitaler: none
M.O.C. None
We only needed to have 3 officers so this is great. all those above shall
apply to the regional officers and if anyone else would also like to apply
for an office please feel free to ask for application.
Milord Duncan has aslo asked to be our virtual scribe, and would like to
design and maintain our website. So for our next meeting we shall need to
discuss about many things
such as:
Our Name. The Nordsteorra Herald has written me and asked that we send our
top 3 choices of our name to him and he will check them out for us.
Our Officers. Meet the people who have volunteered to serve as the first
officers of the new group. ask them questions.
Our Meeting Times and Place. When would we like to hold our next meeting and
Our Website. Would we like to have one and what would one do for us. Could we
also get a groupsite for messaging.
Garb. Should our meetings be garb or mundane clothing
So one and all please come out and join us at the next meeting for our new
group. For this next meeting we shall be requesting that you wear mundane
Any Questions please feel free to contact me.
In Service,
Laird Gaelan Garrett
Lead Fool

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