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Derryk Carr derrykcarr at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 09:16:55 PST 2003

Greetings to all,
   First of all let me apologize for the multiple postings. I promised many
I would send this out and thought that this would be the best way.

   For those who have not heard, I am starting a Chivalric fighter practice.
This practice is NOT replacing the Wiesenfeuer Baronial practice. Like the
practice that Sir Hildebrand used to have, this practice is open for any who
want to attend. The following information gives all the details needed. If
you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

   What: SCA Chivalric Fighter Practice
   When: Thursday nights starting at 7:00p
   Where: My house; 4312 Clendon Way, Del City, OK
   Starting: This Thursday night.
   Contact info: 405-229-9597; or e-mail here.
   Misc. Info: We will plan on having practice every weekend unless the
weather is extremely bad.

And now for the directions:

FROM THE NORTH or SOUTH: Take I-35 to SE 44th St. Exit. Go East for about 2
1/2 miles. Clendon Way is located on the North side of the street. <We will
try to come up with a sign, but don't rely on it.> Our house is the first
two story "Tan" house that you should see. You will have to find parking as
you can. Please do not park on the drive unless you see both my Nissan
pickup and my lady's Dodge Stratus in the drive. You are welcome to use any
of the "Map Quest:" tools that the net has available.

NOW FOR THE DISCLAIMER: It is my understanding that this may be considered
an "Official SCA fighter practice." Whether it is or isn't; anyone
participating in this practice will do so of their own free will and will
not hold the SCA or the home owners responsible for any injuries that may
result from said practice.

Fight well, Fight hard, but Remain Friends.
HL Aldric de Kerr

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