[NR] Academy of the Bow - Form and Consistency Class

Patrick & Angela peswanson at coxinet.net
Thu Jun 26 15:38:43 PDT 2003

Are you a beginning archer and want to shoot like a pro? How about and
experienced archer and need to improve your score to win that coveted title?
Come to my class at Academy of the Bow and learn how!

It is listed on the schedule as "Sighting and Anchor Points". Those issues
will be covered but the _Big_Picture_ is really "Form and Consistency". I
will even guarantee it. If you don't improve your scores by 20% in the first
6 we... er months, I'll refund your class fee. But don't worry, there's no
up-front out-of-pouch expense! Take it home and try it for 6 weeks. If you
aren't completely satisfied just return the knowledge and pay nothing.

HL Elric Dracwin

disclaimer: No class fees will be charged. No site fees will be refunded. No
feast fees will be refunded. No memories will be erased. 20% is an average
performance enhancement, your mileage may vary.

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