[NR] Brewing Competition at Namron Protectorate

Stephen Pursley spursley at cox.net
Wed Oct 1 20:08:28 PDT 2003

As Namron Protectorate fast approaches, it seem time to post a reminder 
about the  brewing competition that will  be held there.

Check-in of entries will start at 11:30 a.m. Saturday. The competition 
will run from 12 noon until the first bottle in each category runs dry, 
at which time that category will be closed and the votes tallied for 
that category. The competition will end when all categories are closed 
or feast setup begins.

This is a Taster's Choice competition.

The categories:

1. Beer/ales (and other grain beverages)
2. Meads (and variations)
3. Wines (grape/fruit)
4. Cordials

Bring two bottles (12 oz. or larger) of each entry in unlabeled, plain 
bottles. At check-in the bottles will be numbered and a card listing the
ingredients will be filled out and displayed with the entry. No table 
displays, documentation, or other materials will be allowed.

The populace will choose their favorite in each category.


H.L. Barat FitzWalter Reynolds
Premier Master Brewer of Brad Leah
Founding Member - The Honorable Brotherhood of
Brewers, Mazers, and Vintners
M.K.A. Stephen Pursley
Barony of Namron
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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