[NR] Namron Protectorate Brewing Competition

Barat barat at cox.net
Mon Oct 13 10:08:32 PDT 2003

The brewing competition held at Namron Protectorate can only be 
described as a overwhelming success.

There were many entries in four categories:

19 cordials
18 meads
9 beers
8 wines

By popular vote, the winners were:

Cordials: Lord Terric Bearsmountian - A cordial made from many things 
including butter
Meads: Lady Judith of Quail Run - White Grape/Raspberry Mead
Beers: Lord Owen Stott - Wheat Beer
Wines: Lady Constance NicLeod - Port Wine

My thanks to all who entered. The number and diversity of entries was 
the largest I have ever seen at any brewing competition in Ansteorra.

A special thank you goes to LORD Donnchadh Beag Mac Griogair 
(congratulations on your and your ladies AoAs!), Lady Judith of Quail 
Run, and Mathias the Brewer. Without your help I would still be setting 
up the competition.

My thanks to our newest Laurel, Master Oxlade Lachlan MacKinnon for 
tallying the votes. And last but not least my thanks to the Baron and 
Baroness of Namron, Master Ulf Gunnarsson & Hasheika Maleah Farasha 
Raushanna bint Abdullah for allowing me to sponsor this competition at 

Information concerning the Premier titled Brewer of Namron competition 
to be held at next years Namron Beltain Games to follow shortly.


H.L. Barat FitzWalter Reynolds
Founding Member - The Honorable Brotherhood of
Brewers, Mazers, and Vintners
M.K.A. Stephen Pursley
Barony of Namron
Kingdom of Ansteorra
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