[NR] A Question For The Chivalric Fighters....

Eric Jackson owenapaeddan at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 10:09:54 PDT 2004

>1)  When fighting in a serious, high-stakes tournament... do you prefer to 
>have only one or two bouts going on at a time, so you can watch the fights 
>you're not paired in, or do you prefer to have as many fields going as can 
>reasonably be done, so that you stay 'warm' between bouts and don't have as 
>much down time?

The faster I get to fight my next oppenent the better so I enjoy the 
multiple fields and I would have to agree with JP and Kat that once you get 
down to eight or less you should move to one field.

>2) When fighting in a tournament... what can the list mistresses do or not 
>do to make it flow more smoothly? Is there a particular style that works 
>better than others? How does the means in which the tournament is 
>"list-mistressed" affect your participation / enjoyment / etc... For those 
>who are / have been / enjoy doing list mistressing... what types of 
>accoutrements / accessories / supplies do you a) need b) want to have on 
>hand? Bare minimum and ideal conditions?

refer to answer number one

>3) When fighting in an outdoor, cold weather tournament.... Do you prefer 
>warm beverages? Do you prefer non-iced water?  Would "fisherman's friend" 
>style handwarmers enhance your ability to fight? Or do you just want a 
>roaring fire somewhere nearby the field to warm up by?  What would be the 
>ideal and perfect circumstance to make outdoor, cold weather fighting more 

Having fought  in all weather that our beloved kingdom has I would say the 
chemical hand warmers for the OMG cold tournies but fires would be a nice 

>4) What makes a list field ideal, when it comes to size, for one on one 
>combat? (square footage)

I would have to say a 10X10 field would be perfect :)
>5) If weapons racks were provided near the field, would you utilize them, 
>or pile your stuff in your 'own spot'?  Would long, sturdy benches by the 
>field be useful, or just in the way?

Weapons racks are way cool want to own one! Benches would be in the way if 
non combatants sat at them they could get hurt if the fighters spilled over 
the ropes. SO I don't really think they would be a good idea.
>... if there are other aspects I've failed to ask about, that would make an 
>event Just That Much Better for chivalric fighting... please don't hesitate 
>to speak up and suggest / mention it....
>always curious, ever learning,
>-zubeydah jamilla al-badawiyya
>Captain, NR Synchronized Waterbearing & Cheerleading Squad
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