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No problemo :) and thaniks for the reply and recognition, it really made me feel like I added something to this endeavor!

Diane Daugherty <kaneohe6 at msn.com> wrote:

Thanks Skerri for replying and giving that information :). You answered and gave info on what Elric Dracwin was looking for and also what Pug had added. I, for one, appreciate the help you are trying to provide.  If the History Channel is contacting us, the least we can do is gather as much info from our fellow SCA'ers as possible that would help in this endeavor. I didn't know that there was a trebuchet in Spinning Winds. That is cool. The co-worker that just came back from Jordan on the shoot for the History Channel on constructing a siege tower, that is also very cool. I might want to know more about that. Thanks again on providing your info on siege weapons. 

Jevon O'Deah 

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>Contact the US Navy reserve Unit in Spinning Winds (Manhattan Kansas).  There is a guy in that unit that has a trebuchet and I think it's been on the history vhannel.  In addition, my wife's co-worker just came back from a choot for the History Channel in Jordan on constructing a seige tower.  Do you need more info from me? 
>Pug Bainter <pug at pug.net> wrote: 
>Elric Dracwin (dracwin at coxinet.net) said something that sounded like: 
> > I was just contacted by someone who said he represented the History Channel. 
> > They are looking for Mongolian types for a documentary they are shooing in 
> > Eastern OK on 9/2. 
> > 
> > Respond to me directly (dracwin at coxinet.net) for contact information. 
>As well, they are looking for a Trebuchet for the shoot. I'd asked 
>privately a few folks and been too busy today to send out the request 
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