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Not that I'm aware of.  I'll ask, though.
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Is there camping anywhere around?  
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There are still some teaching slots open, if you are interested let me know and I will get you Lady Eva's contact info.
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No this is NOT a load of caca... and it's not an ad for the Compleat
Anachronist, either ;)

This is another shameful, er, shameless plug for Cracked Anvil. You haven't
forgottten about Cracked Anvil, have you? It's just one month away on
February 14th.

Yes, there will be fighting (both Heavy weapons and  Light weapons tournies)
A&S competition- best romantic favor in any medium
"Declare Your Love" competition (rated PG-13 or better)

Of course there's a feast! Did you think we'd forget the feast? We'll have
brisket, chicken, breads, fruits and veggies and lots more. Please contact
the Feastocrat with any food allergies.

Other  activities will include Plague Frog, a Bardic Circle as well as
general merriment and revelry. Oh, and a Post Revel, too (site to be

Want to teach a class? Please contact our Class-o-crat.

Merchants welcome with no set-up fees. Please contact the Autocrat for more

OK...now  you know the "what". There "where" is the Old Rock School House
Highway 59 Cedarville AR. From the east or west,  take I-40 to Exit 5 (AR 59
Van Buren/Siloam Springs). Turn north on 59 and follow approx 7 1/2 miles to
the site (SCA signs will be posted. If they aren't, the "native guides" will
be standing at the expressway and personally escorting you in ;) ). Site
opens at 9am, closes at 9:30pm. Limited Crash Space available... please
contact the Autocrat for details. There are also hotels nearby... again,
please contact the Autocrat for information.

Adults- $10.00     Children-$ 5.00
SCA members deduct $3.00
Offboard deduct $2.00 (remember: Offboard means "NO FEAST")

Please make checks payable to SCA Inc/Shire of Smythkepe

Autocrat:   Dewi ap Hywyll (mka David Powell) 479-675-2994
dewi01 at hotmail.com
Feastocrat:   Alys Rhonwen (mka Veronica Bascue) 479-285-2977
vbascue at yahoo.com
Class-o-crat:  Eva Helena Vettori (mka Laura Lovell)
evahelenavettori at yahoo.com

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