[NR] looking for info for Tax info dealing with merchants

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I know how annoying the Oklahoma tax situation is.  I went through this with
Namron Protectorate last October.  All the information you need to know is
at the following link.  It can require fishing around for a bit, but, it's
there.  Also, if you call the OK State Tax Commission, they seem quite
willing to help (believe it or not).  Their number is provided on the linked
site as well.

If you have any other questions about our experience with this mess, you can
always contact me or Namron's Seneschal Terric Bearsmountain.

Namron knew at the time that the effort was worth the trouble.  Eventually,
other groups in the North would benefit from our going first through the
preposterously difficult maze that is Oklahoma state revenue.


I hope this helps,
Cellach Ferguson

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> As one of the  Castellan autocrats, I am looking into merchant
information.  Can anyone give me the proper website for me to find out
everything about what needs to be done according to Oklahoma?  I know
general information about needing permit, reporting back and such, but I
would like know a lot more about it.
> thank you
> Faolan Macfarland
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