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Chass Brown chass at cox.net
Fri Jan 30 15:41:31 PST 2004

Ahh and how many merchants are doing this? Has this not killed merchanting
in oklahoma? Cause I aint paying yopu 50$ on top of site fees and such for
yet another permoit when I have a flee market permit which is supposed to
cover sca events as well as a Tax id as well as a business lisc. I dont have
this problem at ren faires. As a lisc tax id holder only i am liable for my
tax information and sales tax. I have done checked and asked the local tax
office anything more is done by the sca.


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>    There is still a ban on merchanting at SCA events in Oklahoma.  All
> exceptions to this ban must be approved on a case by case basis by the
> Kingdom Seneschal.  You may have a tax permit for Oklahoma but we would
> still be required to apply for a permit to have merchants, pay $50.00 for
> that permit and submit paperwork to the Ok Tax Comission within 15 days of
> the event.  We have events from  months ago that still haven't turned in
> Waivers.  You having a tax permit isn't the issue.  The issue is whether
> not we want to open ourselves to getting in trouble with the OK Tax
> Comission if a local officer doesn't get their paperwork done on time, and
> whether local groups should be spending $50.00 of the SCA's money in order
> to have merchants at our events.
> Robert Fitzmorgan

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