[NR] looking for info for Tax info dealing with merchants

Chass Brown chass at cox.net
Fri Jan 30 16:14:52 PST 2004

Upon rereading this I do have a suggestion if people would listen and hear
me out. I am for one willing to help but not be.... swept under the mat so I
can not merchant anymore. Why not impose a slight and I do mean slight extra
fee on merchants to help cover the cost of the 50$ fee the sca is being
charged for merchants (the local office said this is the first time they had
ever heard of this because to quote them the SCA isnt what is prospering
over the merchants and since the SCA is a non profit group are supposed to
be outside the new taxlaw). And for my earlier post I apologize I thought
you were saying we had to pay the 50$. but still honestly how has this
affected merchanting in Oklahoma?

Chass of Rundel

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>    There is still a ban on merchanting at SCA events in Oklahoma.  All
> exceptions to this ban must be approved on a case by case basis by the
> Kingdom Seneschal.  You may have a tax permit for Oklahoma but we would
> still be required to apply for a permit to have merchants, pay $50.00 for
> that permit and submit paperwork to the Ok Tax Comission within 15 days of
> the event.  We have events from  months ago that still haven't turned in
> Waivers.  You having a tax permit isn't the issue.  The issue is whether
> not we want to open ourselves to getting in trouble with the OK Tax
> Comission if a local officer doesn't get their paperwork done on time, and
> whether local groups should be spending $50.00 of the SCA's money in order
> to have merchants at our events.
> Robert Fitzmorgan

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