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Chass et alia,

You are correct.  It is the local group who has to pay the $50.00 charge to
the Oklahoma Tax Commission, not each individual merchant.

There was some concern when this law was first in effect that even though
the SCA is a not for profit organization, we are still required to perchase
the license.  If I recall correctly, even the folks at the Tax Commission
didn't know for sure.  Some said no we weren't covered, others said we were.
Because of this, the Kingdom Senschal put a hold on merchanting in Oklahoma.

Then, right before Namron Protectorate 2003, the Kingdom Seneschal issued a
statement that said that if an Oklahoma group wished to have merchanting at
their event, to contact her and she would grant approval/disapproval on a
case by case basis.

You've asked how this has affected merchanting in Oklahoma.  My opinion
is... (deep breath)

1.   It is now up to the Kingdom Seneschal to say "Yea or Nay".  And she's
basing that verdict on past performances of groups that have had merchants
under the new Oklahoma statute...On the way they've worked with the state in
getting the required paperwork submitted (properly and on time) and on the
way the local SCA group works with the requirements set by the Kingdom
Seneschal Office (getting the required paperwork to her, properly and on

2.  Most groups, in realizing the responsibility, liability, the ickity
paperwork involved, and the monetary outlay have opted to not have merchants
at their events.  (Can't say as I blame them.)

3.  Because folks realize that merchanting is "off" in Oklahoma at this
point, are no longer prepared to go to an event and spend their money.  The
merchants realize that since no one is spending money, they will not set up
shop at an Oklahoma event.  It is more financially sound for merchants to go
elsewhere at this time.

In conclusion, I say that merchanting in Oklahoma has suffered greatly.  No
one is shopping and no one is selling.

Just my little ol' opinion,


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> Upon rereading this I do have a suggestion if people would listen and hear
> me out. I am for one willing to help but not be.... swept under the mat so
> can not merchant anymore. Why not impose a slight and I do mean slight
> fee on merchants to help cover the cost of the 50$ fee the sca is being
> charged for merchants (the local office said this is the first time they
> ever heard of this because to quote them the SCA isnt what is prospering
> over the merchants and since the SCA is a non profit group are supposed to
> be outside the new taxlaw). And for my earlier post I apologize I thought
> you were saying we had to pay the 50$. but still honestly how has this
> affected merchanting in Oklahoma?
> Chass of Rundel
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> >    There is still a ban on merchanting at SCA events in Oklahoma.  All
> > exceptions to this ban must be approved on a case by case basis by the
> > Kingdom Seneschal.  You may have a tax permit for Oklahoma but we would
> > still be required to apply for a permit to have merchants, pay $50.00
> > that permit and submit paperwork to the Ok Tax Comission within 15 days
> > the event.  We have events from  months ago that still haven't turned in
> > Waivers.  You having a tax permit isn't the issue.  The issue is whether
> or
> > not we want to open ourselves to getting in trouble with the OK Tax
> > Comission if a local officer doesn't get their paperwork done on time,
> > whether local groups should be spending $50.00 of the SCA's money in
> > to have merchants at our events.
> >
> > Robert Fitzmorgan
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