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Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Mar 7 11:01:53 PST 2004

Greetings, Northern Ansteorra!

At Northkeep's wInterkingdom last year, I had the priviledge of teaching a class on Waterbearing. This included a detailed section on field safety and regulations with the purpose of training individuals for their NON-Combat Authorization (yellow) card.  Unfortunately, due to class length and timing, the marshal in attendance at wInterKingdom was not able to sign the cards after the class as we had hoped would happen, nor was I authorized, at that time, to do so myself (though that is no longer the case).

I am hoping that Authorizing Marshals in the areas of those who took the class would be willing to help provide these goodly folk with their Non-Combat Authorizations so they can begin serving Ansteorra in the capacity of field waterbearers.  Or, if not comfortable with authorizing unwitnessed training, would be willing to provide these folks with a course so that they can be authorized.

I'm seeking Authorizing Marshals who have contact with, or knowledge of the whereabouts of:

Lady Kathryn atte Unicorn
Lord Pooky

If you could help me in this regard, I would be endebted. I believe these two good individuals wish to support our mighty kingdom in the coming war.

Vivat Ansteorra, and don't forget to drink your water!

In service,

Lady Zubeydah the Wanderer
Northkeep WBIC / Northern Regional WB

Founder, Northkeep Synchronized Waterbearing & Cheerleading Squad
Creatrix of things Evil And Chocolatey.
"Shared pain is lessened, shared joy, increased." - Spider Robinson.
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