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Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 2 08:31:22 PDT 2005

This last weekend at Camp Cimarron the Shire of Wastelands put forth an
incredibly nice event. The event was as near perfect as could be asked for,
the weather although cool at night was mild and comfortable during the day,
the lists on the field were filled with grand boughts between friendly and
skilled opponents, arts and sciences had skilled work shown,  the
archery-knife-axe -and spear ranges were whistling with the flight missiles,
bardic was soulful and entertaining, and there was oh so much good company
to be shared and enjoyed. Wastelands Defender had all of the elements of an
event that you will remember and all the more to make the day bittersweet.
The good people of Wastelands should be so very proud of their event.

Knowing this was the last Defender that would be seen for a while was not a
bad thing, this meant so much more. Our friends from the Wastelands have
striven long and hard doing such an outstanding job bringing honor and glory
to their group, region, and kingdom. The whole shire deserves the highest
recognition for their efforts but for now it is time to let them rest,
recover, and regroup. The Shire did a brave thing asking that they be
allowed to honorably step back for a time rather than continuing to fight
against what was inevitable and eventually dealing with ill effects such a
decline can bring. With nobility and pride Wastelands can say that they did
the right thing, and should be remembered and commended for it.

The Defender event this weekend was such a good celebration and evidenced
the outstanding efforts of the people the Wastelands. As one example when
the stoves quit in the Kitchen the cooks still got out all the courses of
the feast. There were other small hurdles that appeared during the weekend
and they were all handled with such enthusiasm and speed that they almost
went unnoticed among the fun and friendship being shared.

This last weekends Wastelands Defender ended with friendly laughter and tear
streaked faces, and a final but simple good bye...for in our hearts we know
this was not good bye for good. Even as we said our farewells and drove away
we knew we would be seeing our dear friends of the Wastelands again very

Kind Regards,
HL Ian Dun Gillan
Northern Regional Seneschal

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