[NR] Prynhawn da

syr_owen@nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Mon May 9 10:31:33 PDT 2005

Prynhawn da,

Oh my trips to the kingdom of the West are done and good does it feel to be in 
the embrace of our wonderful kingdom. I will be attending the Tuesday night 
practice in Guthrie, if you want a ride from Norman or OKC please let me know. 
I am taking a carload to the combined practice in Eldern. I am very much 
looking forward to seeing many of the fine warriors of our region. The 
hospitality of Eldern is talked about throughout the known world. If you are 
interested in going contact me I can either get you there or arrange a ride 
for you.
 The Combined fighters practice will be May 15, at 2:00pm at Fuqua Park just 
off Hwy 81 in Duncan,Okla.
Coming from the south on 81 go two blocks past Main Street and turn right 
{east} into the park.
Coming from the north proceed into Duncan on 81 until you come to Beech turn 
left {east} into the park; we will be on the south side of the museum which is 
the only building in the park.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan

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