[NR] Bore da (good morning)

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Wed May 11 09:02:10 PDT 2005

Bore da,

 If you want a ride to the combined practice or want to caravan to the 
combined practice please be at my house 11:00am this Sunday(Directions 
below).If you want to go to the practice but cannot afford the gas something 
can be worked out just email, call me, or show up. The more fighters the 
better the practice.
 Now for those who want to know what exactly is a combined practice, well to 
put it plainly it is a chance for everyone to fight someone new that you don't 
fight every week. 
 What to expect? Well, there will be tournament fighting, there will be melee 
fighting, there will be instruction in everthing fom fishbat to spear. What is 
taught depends on who shows up. The last practice in Namron we worked solely 
on tourney fighting because that was what we needed to do. 
 Why should I come I don't fight?
Well there are many reason for you to come. Social activity there will always 
be people to talk to who came for one reason or anouther and are not fighting. 
If your interested in Marshalling this is where to go to learn how to inspect 
armour and how to marshal a field. If you want to help your group recruit 
nothing catches a newcomers eye like fighting those that get drawn in someone 
can get there contact information and for every ten people who are invited one 
will stay around. 
 I hope this has answered some of the questions that you may or may not have 
had. If it has not answered your question please feel free to email me or the 
northern regionial list and I will do my best to answer it.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan


>From I-35

Take the Lindsey street exit you will want to head East on Lindsey
Stay on Lindsey till you get to the intersection of 12th and Lindsey
Turn right onto 12th (you are now heading South)
Turn left onto Commerce (East again)
Turn right on Concord drive (Yep that would be South)
arrive at 1405 Concord drive
Load at 11:00am leave by 11:45 am
405-274-3297 my cell
syr_owen at nordsteorra.org

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