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While that's all well and good, nothing is set in stone and Oct. is Protectorate. Anything within a month of that would be less than oportune for Namron. Not impossible but not ideal either. My recollection is:

 Skarrgard for June (I know that's not the new spelling but it's late and my brain is not working)
Wiesenfeuer for August

Who has July?? 

My understanding was that we rotated among all the groups with approx. every 4th practice to an outlying area, keeping most of them central so as to lessen driving time for Eldern and Northkeep for the greater part of the time. At least that was the original set up. I'm sure if things have changed either Lord Owen or Syr Owen will cheerfully tell me.

Just trying to understand and be helpful

Baroness of Namron

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  I believe that our Northern Regional was wanting a rotating central area/outlying area schedule.
  So the next available central month would be October.



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