[NR] Bore da (Good Morning)

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Mon Nov 28 06:38:29 PST 2005

Bore da,

  Oh wonderful gentles of mighty Northern Ansteorra. How blessed we are to live 
in such a wonderful land. This last weekend the Baronesses of our great land 
held a an event in conjuction with the regionial practice. This Toy tournament 
was fantastic! The fighting the singing the dancing all showed the marvelous 
skills and the great prowess of our fair and mighty region. I was blessed with 
the inspiration of my most wonderful wife and won the day on the Chivalric 
field. A most hearfelt thanks to all the fighters who chose to fight in such a 
challenging enviroment. The wraith of the wind upon the field brought many a 
pavilion down but could not deter the mighty who strove upon it. The Rapier 
champion Giovanni whose blade was as fast and deadly as the winds showed great 
skill as all of the Rapier fighters did. Equally fantastice were the archers 
and the Kife, Axe and Spear conmpetitions as the winds raged  the competitors 
stepped up and champions were made. Sadly I do not remember the names of these 
fine champions and hopefully someone who focus was not on there child will 
remeber and share with the poor gentles who were not able to attend. I cannot 
thank the fine Barony of the Eldern Hills enough for all of the hard work and 
wonderous service. Even as the regional practice lasted well into early evening 
the tavern bid us to come eat and enjoy the hospitality that is renowned from 
this fine Barony.
   This next weekend the Great Barony of Weisenfeuer will host a Kubiki 
Christmas within the borders of Mooneschadowe at the fine facility that held 
Kingdiom Arts and Sciences Mooneschadowes Ansteorrian Tribute. This is a 
wonderful facility which will do a fantastic job of hosting a Yule celbration 
like no other. The feast will be one of the finest you can attend anywhere and 
the day will be filled with activities that all can enjoy. Truly this event 
should not be missed.
  As the cold Northern winds blow hardest many turn to scholarly pursuits. 
Thankfully there will be an event just for that the Incredible barony of 
Northkeep will once again hold it's wInterkingdom event. The class list will be 
posted soon, so make plans now to secure your spot in one of the many excellent 
classes that will be taught at this wonderful event.
  For those whose needs run to the martial side of the gambit remember our 
kingdom has grown now is not the time to put your armour away and your sword on 
the wall. There are but 44 days until Our current Prince will need a Champion 
as he becomes the King. Our fair and beautiful Princess will need a Champion 
but 58 days from now. Also as we sit closer to the fire to keep the winter at 
bay know that on the horizon War is brewing. Our mighty King will be fighting 
at Estrella in support of our allies. Who in turn will come and help defend 
this mighty kingdom as we prepare for Gulf Wars.
  So good gentals may your hearth bring you warmth and may your weapons stay 

Syr Owen ap Aeddan

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