[NR] Clarification on Baronial Polling

April Chipman agillilan at swbell.net
Fri Jul 7 16:27:17 PDT 2006

I would like to make a quick clarification on the upcoming baronial
pollings in the Baronies of Wiesenfeuer and Namron.
It is true that according to the published timelines, people who do not
live in the zip code boundaries of the barony can fill out a poll during
the baronial polling. But, the same person can not fill out a poll in
both baronial pollings.
For example, JP can go to the Wiesenfeuer polling and fill out a poll,
but he cannot go to the Namron polling and fill out a poll. He gets an
opinion in one or the other of the baronies, not both. Another example
is Cassius. He lives in Wiesenfeuer, but if he chooses he can not fill
out a poll at the Wiesenfeuer polling and instead wait until the Namron
polling and go there to fill out a poll.
I hope this clears up some confusion, and I look forward to seeing many
of you at Wiesenfeuer's baronial polling on Monday.
HL Gilyan Clonmacnoise
Northern Regional Seneschal

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