[NR] Novice shoot for the Academy of the Bow

Tom Johnson tdj_ent at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 09:27:39 PDT 2006


Here are details on the novice shoot being held by HL Jaque, member of the 
Arc d'Or at the Academy of the Bow.

Aim, Shoot and Be Merry
HL Thomas Quilliam

>Academy of the Bow Novice shoot
>   Prize of one hickory longbow
>   Rules
>   Must not have ever won a tourney
>   Must have a Royal Round average of 44 or below (Currently there is only 
>one crossbowman so ranked).  If you do not have a rank then it shall be on 
>your honor that you shoot at that level or below or you should establish a 
>ranking prior to the shoot.
>   All shooters shall stand unless handicapped.
>   Tourney shall consist of one Royal Round followed by a topsy turvy round 
>at 20 yd.  Royal Round shall be submitted for score.

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